EKRec-750x750.jpg Catherine DesRoches

The 9 lives of Catherine

Her lyrics have sometimes the softness of the silk, sometimes the sharp claws of a feline.  Catherine reveals, throughout her debut album 9 Vies, the many facets of her life and a full range of emotions : You will find love stories, melancholy, but also reflections on life and death. A perfect album to accompany us throughout the day. She has surrounded herself with amazing musicians for the production of her first album with Eric Khayat producing and signing all the arrangements on the album.

Some Pop, some Rock, a few ballads, a waltz, a pinch of jazz, tenderness, passion and lots of love, these are the ingredients of Catherine DesRoches’s 9 Vies!

For more information on Catherine www.catherinedesroches.com